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We unite for system change.


Collective revolutionizes production practices by fostering collaborative innovation, promoting sustainability, and practicing equitable and ethical design solutions.



As Mana, Joon, and Bez social enterprises, our union in 2023 marks a pivotal moment as we unite to establish a best practice model for fair production.


Joon, established in 2016, paved the way, followed by Mana in 2018, and Bez in 2020, each contributing unique perspectives and experiences to our collective journey.


Together, we are committed to reshaping the landscape of production, driven by our shared ethos of sustainability, fairness, and community empowerment. Our goal is to redefine industry norms, crafting a future where ecological consciousness meets exceptional design. Through collaboration and innovation, we aim to inspire change, championing a sustainable and equitable world, one thoughtful creation at a time.


Gather. Prioritize collective insight; consider others' perspectives and gather with them initially.

Learn. Embrace the continuous pursuit of knowledge; always seek to uncover what you're yet to discover.

Collaborate. Acknowledge the power of collective efforts; remarkable achievements are seldom attained in isolation.

Create. Resist complacency; continuously strive for improvement and innovation in your creations.

Protect. Safeguard the well-being of communities, the environment, and ethical practices, ensuring their preservation and prosperity for future generations.


Making an impact is simply what happens when this powerhouse team of amazing women gets together;

Damla Özenç

Marketing & Sales Leas

Duygu Vatan

Design & Sourcing Lead

Aycan Gönen 

Production & Community Lead

Ahsen Keyf



Nisa Özer

Ecological Impact

Öykü Demir


Berna Özden

Social Impact

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